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Tips for Choosing the Best Reverb Pedal

The Elements You Want:

Whether you are the kind of player enjoying geek out controls’ tons or you like a simple knob, let you make sure that you will keep my article below in mind when buying the best reverb pedals or click to read more. Actually, depending on the using demands of each individual like which you want to spend your free time on, there are many different options on market for selecting. For example, while the EHX Cathedral Reverb has a lot of mode settings and 6 knobs, the Wampler Faux Reverb has only simple three knobs. However, that does not mean everyone will opt for the EHX Cathedral Reverb. The complex model will be more versatile with the steeper learning curve but the simpler one also gets its own benefits. The simplicity is for you, if you love setting and forgetting without fussing. After all, please continue reading below for your best reverb pedal:
  • Your Budget

This is one of the very important consideration. Like other kinds of pedals, effects of reverb pedals are similar with a big scale of price. The following examples are for you. For instance, with $150, you are able to grab the Boss FRV-1 ’63 or TC Electronics Hall of Fame while with $200, the Wampler or EHX is going to set players back. In case you just have about $100, the T-Rex Tonebug should be your choice.

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