How to Buy Your First Guitar

Learning guitar is a very fun and exciting challenge that attracts many people every year. It is so popular that there are various resources you could find on the Internet about learning guitar as well as guitar’s equipment. There are many sites such as which give you recommendation about the best guitar pedals as well as how to maintain one.
The most important of all for every beginner is buying the very first guitar. You will need one to learn the techniques and bring it along to practice with you. There are many kinds of guitars with different sizes, prices, colors and not to mention technologies and innovations. All of the information will sure overwhelm you, especially when you know nothing about it. In this article, I will provide some general information and ideas about how you should buy your first guitar.
Here are some tips on buying a guitar you should know:

1. Decide Between An Acoustic Guitar And An Electrical Guitar

The most important decision could be deciding what type of guitar you will choose. Any type you choose will determine your music style as well as your fingering’s style. If you already have in mind what music you are going to play then it would be easier. If you like playing classical music then you should go for an acoustic guitar. If you, however, prefer to play rock and metal music, go for an electronic guitar.
An electrical guitar is easier to learn but learning how to play an acoustic guitar can enable you to play both types later.
Both types of guitar will have pros and cons of their own. Make sure you know about these differences before you decide.

2. Set Your Budget

Secondly, you need to determine how much money you will spend on your first guitar. As a beginner, you don’t need to invest a huge sum of money on it but don’t buy cheap guitar either. An expensive guitar does not mean a good guitar, especially if it is not suitable for you.
A new cheap guitar usually has bad sound and construction, which will affect your playing as well as your listening skills in the long run.
Used guitar is the best option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Ask your friends to lend you some guitar for some very first lessons of your guitar learning. You can go to local pawn shops and used dealers.  There will be some good guitars there but there will also faulty ones as well.
Also consider your seriousness when you want to spend money. If you want to take part in a hobby for the summer, you don’t need to invest in an expensive guitar. If you want to study in a long run and intend to play on stage, go for a medium to expensive one.

3. Do Your Homework

Make sure you research carefully before you make any decision.
You should ask for some people who have been playing guitar for a long time for advices. Ask them about their preferred brands and types of guitars as well as the ones to avoid.
You can also browser the Internet and guitar forums for more information.

4. Shop Around

You should always go around and try on the guitar first even though it is from the good brand or have excellent reputation. You should always know what you will have before you buy anything.
You should also try on several guitars and compare them as well. Try playing them while you are standing or sitting down to see if you feel comfortable holding and playing them. Go with the one that you feel most natural playing with.
You can also ask some friends or experts to go with you. If they have knowledge in guitar playing and have been playing the guitar for the long time, they may be able to hear the differences between the sounds from different guitars no matter how subtle they are.

5. Check for Possible Faulty In the Guitar

This step is very important, especially when you buy an used one. Look at the guitar carefully and thoroughly. Look for chips, scratches as well as cracks. Also listen to the fret buzz.
You may find it hard to find any problem and check for the guitar if you are unfamiliar with how the guitar works. Moreover, you don’t know to differentiate the different sound.  You should ask the people who is coming with you to help you with that.

6. After Purchasing

When you finally find a guitar that you like and decide to buy it, you should also check its warranty and after services as well. Most of the guitars come with a warranty for some several years, just ask for a warranty card.
A guitar beginner will also need a tuner and a gig bag as well. Changing the old strings to the new set of string is also recommended.
Here are the recommended steps you should follow in order to find the best guitar for you. The best and most suitable guitar will help you a great deal when you learn the music, therefore, you should invest both of your time and your money into buying one. I hope with this article, you will make the most informed choice ever.

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