Music 101 – 10 Instruments for Beginners (Part 2)

6/ Saxophone

Charles Joseph and his father Antoine Joseph gave birth to the saxophone after they had perfected the clarinet. Saxophone have many types and sizes such as the alto sax (this saxophone may come in a curved or a straight shape. Alto saxophone is recommended to begin with and it is the most popular and widely used.), the soprano saxophone (this type also comes in a straight or curved shape. Soprano saxophone is played with the B flat key so it could be hard for beginner to get familiar.), the tenor sax (it is bigger than the alto sax and it mouthpiece is also bigger. The tenor also starts with the B flat key so it is never considered to be beginner-friendly) or the baritone sax (The baritone is the biggest among the saxophone category).

Saxophone can be taught to 12 years old kids and higher. The alto saxophone is usually recommended to beginners. You can find saxophone in almost every school orchestras; therefore it is not very difficult for a saxophonist to find a place to perform his skills.

7/ Trumpet

Trumpet was invented in Egypt around 1500 BC and during that time, trumpet was used as a battle announcer among many other military purposes. Later on during the 1300s, the metal trumpets started to become a musical instrument. Since then, many improvements have been made by the Germany during the Renaissance period, making it capable of playing more tones as we know today. Belonging to the brass family, trumpet is quite easy for kids older than the age of 10 to learn. Trumpet are an orchestral musical instrument but you can find in almost every jazz band. Just like flute, trumpet are light, small, and easy to start with, they are really cheap and much fun to play with. Just keep in mind that you need to avoid a ready-painted trumpet because the paints will chip.

8/ Guitar

Guitar is one of the most widely used musical instruments and it is perfect for anyone older than 6 years old. Guitars can be divided into three types, which are acoustic , electric and bass guitar. Folk style is considered the easiest style to start with for beginners (remember to choose the non-electric one if you just begin to get familiar with guitar). Guitars can be played by plucking, striking or strumming the string to create vibration and sound. Guitars have a lot of sizes and style that guarantee to suit anyone’s need. Guitar will most likely take the spotlight in almost any music ensembles. What’s more, you can even play it solo and it is still going to sound amazing.


9/ Piano

Piano was created in 1709 in Florence, Italia and then going through some improvements until the year of 1726, it was considered the modern piano. Piano is suitable for 6 years old kids and higher to learn. Generally there are two piano types, which are divided based on (mostly) just the sizes: Vertical (or Upright) piano (such as Console, spinet, full size and professional upright piano) and Horizontal (or Grand) pianos (such as living room, baby grand, parlor and concert piano). The standard piano version includes 88 keys along with three foot pedals which have their specific functions and names. The first pedal from the right is known as the damper and by using the damper, all the keys will vibrate (or sustain) at the same time. The middle pedal will make the currently pressed key to vibrate while it is being stepped on. By stepping on the last pedal (the first one on the left), you will create a muted sound (meaning that a single note is created from 2 to 3 piano strings getting tuned in unison). The piano is one of the few musical instruments that require a lot of time and patience to master; but once you have mastered it, it is totally worth it. The piano comes in many types and in fact, it is the most versatile musical instrument in the world, not to mention its beautiful sound comparing to other instruments. As always the traditional, non-electric version piano is the best for new students to begin with; however there are a lot of electronic pianos out there that produce the sound and feel which are exactly like the real ones.

10/ Harp

Harp is really easy to learn especially if you have learnt how to play the piano because both instruments share the same music reading method – the double stave. Normally we can divide harp into two main types: the lever harps (also known as the folk harps) and the pedal ones (or the classical which have 7 pedals located at its base). Harp have many sizes and the small one is perfect for 8 years old kids while the bigger ones are suitable for those older than 12. Some big harps or concert harps for example have up to 47 strings and 6 octaves range. Harp is one of the most ancient musical instruments we have and it also produces incredibly smooth sound that everyone loves. The only downside of harp is its popularity, meaning that it will be more challenging to find a harp teacher. However nowadays harp are preferred over piano in a wedding so harpists are always in great demand.

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